EXPRESS is the eZINE published by the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network.  The purpose is to showcase a diverse group of people, who are using the entrepreneurial mindset in a wide variety of contexts. These stories can help you to reflect on your own practice and think how to make use of the key lessons shared by the authors.

How can I use the eZINE ?

There are many powerful lessons that can be taken from the stories that our authors have shared in the eZINE.  Use these lessons to undertake your own personal reflections and stimulate your ideas for action.  What's the one thing you could do that would have the biggest impact and make a real difference? 

Can I write for a future edition?

We welcome articles on any topic that you judge would be of interest to the members of the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network. The focus is reflection on practice and sharing lessons learned. The typical word length is somewhere between 400 and 800 words.  To discuss your idea please email the editor Paul Coyle.

What is the latest edition?

Volume 7 Issues 1 & 2 of the EXPRESS eZINE are shown below. Click on any image to read the article. You also have the option to download a PDF. 

Thanks and congratulations to the authors for taking the time to share their inspiring stories from Albania, Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Saudi Arabia, Senegal and Sri Lanka.

2024 Volume 7

Number 2

Developing the entrepreneurial mindset in the Middle East

eZINE 7(2) Hussain Sama

Hussain Sama

Entrepreneurial Mindset Coach 🇸🇦

Engaging students in clinical

innovation and enterprise

eZINE 7(2) Nigel Adams

Nigel Adams

University of Buckingham 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

How public policy can release
untapped entrepreneurial potential

eZINE 7(2) David Halabisky

David Halabisky


How the entrepreneurial mindset
empowers silver entrepreneurs

eZINE 7(2) Paul Coyle

Paul Coyle

Entrepreneurial Mindset Network 🇫🇷

Mindset Behaviour Analysis (MBA)
in higher education

eZINE 7(2) Marco Lamas and Paul Coyle

Marco Lamas and Paul Coyle

SHINE Project

Transformative health interventions
& collaborative partnerships in Malawi

eZINE 7(2) Charles McLoughlin

Charles McLoughlin
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

2024 Volume 7

Number 1

The application of circular thinking
in the creative economy

eZINE 7(1) Isabelle Antunès

Isabelle Antunès

Country Representative Senegal 🇸🇳

Helping the next generation
of student entrepreneurs

eZINE 7(1) Jeremy Chetty

Jeremy Chetty

Chief Evangelist and Board Director 🇦🇺

Utilising the amazing potential of AI

in the healthcare sector

eZINE 7(1) Peter Børker Nielsen

Peter Børker Nielsen

Programme Manager 🇩🇰

Developing competences for
tourism entrepreneurship in Albania

eZINE 7(1) Teuta Hazizi

Teuta Hazizi

Lecturer 🇦🇱

Building an ecosystem to help
entrepreneurs start up and scale up

eZINE 7(1) Richard Chenier

Richard Chenier

Chief Executive Officer🇨🇦

A discussion of the entrepreneurial
environment in Sri Lanka

eZINE 7(1) Shehani Joseph, Isuru Koswatte and  Rushdi Hadhi

Shehani Joseph, Isuru Koswatte and
Rushdi Hadhi 🇱🇰

2023 Volume 6

How can I see past editions?

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Network has been publishing an eZINE since 2018.  All the articles in the 7 volumes, comprising 18 editions, are available on this website. For each article, click on the [↓] symbol next to the author's name and you will be able to read the article, and have the option to download the full text. 

Who are the authors who have contributed to the EXPRESS eZINE?

To date we have published articles and interviews by authors from 48 countries: Albania🇦🇱 Australia🇦🇺 Austria🇦🇹 Belgium🇧🇪 Bosnia & Herzegovina🇧🇦 Bulgaria🇧🇬 Brazil🇧🇷 Canada🇨🇦 China🇨🇳 Croatia🇭🇷 Denmark🇩🇰 Ecuador🇪🇨 England🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿  Estonia🇪🇪 France🇫🇷 Germany🇩🇪 Hungary🇭🇺 India🇮🇳 Indonesia🇮🇩 Ireland🇮🇪      Italy🇮🇹  Malaysia🇲🇾 Malta🇲🇹 Mauritius🇲🇺 Montenegro🇲🇪 Morocco🇲🇦 Nepal🇳🇵   Netherlands🇳🇱 Nigeria🇳🇬 North Macedonia🇲🇰 Norway🇳🇴 Pakistan🇵🇰      Philippines🇵🇭 Portugal🇵🇹 Qatar🇶🇦 Romania🇷🇴 Scotland🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Senegal 🇸🇳 Serbia🇷🇸  South Africa🇿🇦 Spain🇪🇸 Sri Lanka🇱🇰 Sweden🇸🇪 Switzerland🇨🇭Tajikistan🇹🇯   Türkiye🇹🇷 Ukraine🇺🇦 and the USA🇺🇸.

eZINE Volume 6 Number 3

Accidental versus intentional entrepreneurship - cultivating an ecosystem. 

by Edna Primrose []

Encouraging a new generation of health innovators.

by Lorena González-Montes []

A model for entrepreneurship education.

by Marco Lamas []

A European alliance for dual education EU4Dual.

by Marko Turk [↓]

An adventure in entrepreneurship: building a community of small business owners.

by Peter Mols []

Business innovation and social entrepreneurship in Central Asia.

by Saidqosim Mukhtorov []

eZINE Volume 6 Number 2

Entrepreneurial Mindset - the nexus for a dynamic entrepreneurship ecosystem

by Prof. Dr. Abdul Jalil Ghazali [↓]

Civic universities and needs of local communities.

by Adam Leach [↓]

Empowering refugees to set up or grow a business in Manchester.

by Amitava Guha [↓]

Value-based healthcare reform in the US and Europe.

by Elissa Swift [↓]

Helping SMEs to close the skills gap.

by Frank Melis [↓]

The executive MBA - cultivating a life-long learning mindset.

by Krassimira Antonova [↓]

eZINE Volume 6 Number 1

Entrepreneurship: a life-long journey of learning, action and value creation

by Paulo Camargo [↓]

Supporting entrepreneurial journeys in the city of Casablanca, Morocco.

by Rabii Outamha [↓]

How startups find opportunities, people and resources.

by Allan Villegas-Mateos [↓]

Entrepreneurship and Development - What is missing?

by Gerson Sopó Montero [↓]

Innovation and inclusive digital economies in South East Asia.

by Giulia Ajmone Marsan [↓]

Breaking the glass ceiling: women entrepreneurs make it happen.

by Fiorina Mugione [↓]

Role of universities in emerging entrepreneurial ecosystems

by Admir Salihagić [↓]

How entrepreneurial education & networking help student entrepreneurs.

by Veronica Maier [↓]

Editorial: lessons from the latest edition of the Network's eZINE.

by Paul Coyle [↓]

2022 Volume 5

eZINE Volume 5 Number 3

Empowering young people to be leaders of societal change

by Nicole Amey [↓]

International partnerships and sustainability in Nepal

by Ravi Bhandari [↓]

The entrepreneurial university: processes & principles

by Robert Crammond [↓]

An entrepreneurial mindset is essential for every business

by Marcela Fang [↓]

An unconventional guide to personal finance

by Jay Fulgencio [↓]

Robots and jobs - how to be prepared for the future?

by Jelena Lukić Nikolić [↓]

The value of necessity entrepreneurship

by Christel Tessier-Dargent [↓]

Entrepreneurship and family business in India

by Nandini Varshney [↓]

Research, innovation and community development in the Philippines

by Jonas Villas [↓]

eZINE Volume 5 Number 2

Coping with uncertainty in entrepreneurship

by Bob Bastian [↓]

Lessons for Social Entrepreneurship

by Stefan Chichevaliev [↓]

How Research Supports Small Business

by Jan Frick [↓]

xCHANGE 8: Entrepreneurial Mindset for all academic disciplines

with Enikő Koppány, Milica Jovanović and Viviana Premazzi [↓]

Achieving Work Life Balance

by Abigail Gregory [↓]

Towards the Entrepreneurial Society

by Yancy Vaillant [↓]

How Entrepreneurship Can Change Lives

by Jay Wasim [↓]

Who benefits from academic research into entrepreneurship? Part one

by Paul Coyle [↓]

eZINE Volume 5 Number 1

Helping Students to Develop the Entrepreneurial Mindset

by Georgina Smith [↓]

xCHANGE 5: Maximising the Value of University Business Collaboration [↓]

with Jo Cresswell, Jan Frick and Jay Wasim

Cultural Intelligence in the Workplace

by Simon Büschges [↓]

xCHANGE 6: Entrepreneurial Universities: Fact or Fiction [↓]

with Adina Fodor, Saidqosim Mukhtorov and Alison Price

Social Entrepreneurship - Developing an Ecosystem

by Stefan Chichevaliev [↓]

Responding to the Needs of Cities and Regions

by Raffaele Trapasso [↓]

A culture of innovation in healthcare

by Paul Coyle [↓]

2021 Volume 4

eZINE Volume 4 Number 3

Learn to be an Entrepreneur

by Max Mirho [↓]

xCHANGE 3 Student Entrepreneurs 

with Bob Bastian, Cyron Chan and Hala Barakat [↓]

Entrepreneurship for the Creative Industries

by Michelle Philips [↓]

10 actions to sustain and scale organisational capacity 

by Paul Coyle [↓]

Social Entrepreneurs Fighting Climate Change 

by Luka Minić [↓]

xCHANGE4 The Future of Work 

with Danie Jacobs, Sherisa Rajah Baird and Stacey J Young [↓]

eZINE Volume 4 Number 2

xCHANGE 1 Mindset Fundamentals

with Roberto Brambilla, Zohra Omar and Neil Bowie [↓]

Refugee Entrepreneurship

by Kristina Vayda [↓]

Meeting Entrepreneurs Where They Are

by Stacey J Young [↓]

xCHANGE2 Entrepreneurial Employees

with Susan Foley, Mart Kikas and Chris Friedl [↓]

The Essence of Acadustry

by Nadiir Beekhun [↓]

eZINE Volume 4 Number 1

Instilling a Winning Mindset in the Young

by Danie Jacobs [↓]

The Journey of the Entrepreneurial University

by Eleanor Shaw [↓]

Why the Entrepreneurial Mindset is More Important Than Ever in Higher Education

by Paul Coyle [↓]

Europe Needs More Intrapreneurship

by Mart Kikas [↓]

Anatolian Valley: New Entrepreneurship Zone

by Selahattin Ciritci [↓]

2020 Volume 3

eZINE Volume 3 Number 3

Fostering an Entrepreneurial Mindset in Children

Trudie Murray [↓]

Sparking Creativity in Young Entrepreneurs

Hande Diker [↓]

Celebrating Women Founders in Pakistan

Sharoon Shahid [↓]

How Companies Can Develop Their Ability to Innovate

Mart Kikas [↓]

The Entrepreneurial Mindset in R&D

Ellen Burgdorf-Schröder and Susanne Klein [↓]

eZINE Volume 3 Number 2

Dealing with the Causes of Workplace Stress

Pauline Miller-Judd [↓]

What Makes a Webinar Successful?

Paul Coyle [↓]

What Now for Employee Engagement?

Martine Robins [↓]

Time for an HR Strategy Reset?

Sherisa Rajah Baird [↓]

How Can Small Business Stay Open?

Jay Wasim [↓]

How Can We Learn Not to Fear Failure?

Stefan Gueorguiev [↓]

eZINE Volume 3 Number 1

An Entrepreneurial Journey

Toma Grozavescu [↓]

The Best Thing About Being An Entrepreneur

Zohra Omar [↓]

Intrapreneurship MOOC

Chris Friedl [↓]

Are Intrapreneurs Born or Made?

Paul Coyle [↓]

The Power of the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Roberto Brambilla [↓]

Mindset in Practice: Flexing between Leadership and Management

Paul Coyle [↓]

2019 Volume 2

eZINE Volume 2 Number 3

Hackathon: interdisciplinary ideas

Jan Winjen and Fabian Girod [↓]

Entrepreneurship - the Magic Formula

Marlin Hoffman [↓]

A Champion for Entrepreneurship Education

Alison Price and Jing Zhang [↓]

Global Mindset 

Viviana Premazzi and Sarah Rapp [↓]

eZINE Volume 2 Number 2

Entrepreneurial Role Models

Dan Ashton, Jacob Thomsen, Innocent Nwachukwu and Jackie Whitehouse [↓]

How do we Teach Entrepreneurship?

Marlin Hoffman [↓]

Entrepreneurial Nurses 

Gunn-Berit Sæter [↓]

How can you Thrive in the Face of Ongoing Change?

Paul Coyle [↓]

eZINE Volume 2 Number 1

Bringing Entrepreneurship to the Ukraine

Ivan Petrenko [↓]

Entrepreneurship in the city of Ghent

Steve Stevens [↓]

The Living University

Roberto Brambilla [↓]

Imagining the Future of Executive Education

Paul Coyle [↓]

Entrepreneurship education in South Africa

Paul Coyle [↓]

2018 Volume 1

eZINE Volume 1 Number 2

A new mindset for Local Government

Anita Thornberry [↓]

Future Africa

Bernard Slippers [↓]

Business: Scaling for success

Jan Frick [↓]

European innovation and health

Paul Coyle [↓]

eZINE Volume 1 Number 1

The entrepreneurship curriculum

Stuart Crispin [↓]

Health innovation

Anette Birck [↓]

Higher Education leadership

Peter Dobers [↓]

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